Sub Base Levelling.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring contractors laser controlled sub base preparation service, installation of the final layer of sub base utilising our laser guided sub base leveller.

This equipment uses the very latest in laser technology in order to achieve extremely tight tolerances and achieve vast daily outputs.The word ‘subgrade’ refers to the soil below the sub base. The sub base is the finely graded completable material between the subgrade and the concrete.

The sub base is a critical part of the construction process as this provides a working platform for construction activity and is used to transmit the load from the floor slab to the subgrade.Sub base levelling equipment used by concrete flooring contractors based in Howden near York in Yorkshire.Our experienced workforce can achieve tolerances of at least plus or minus 5mm from the overall datum using this laser controlled machinery. This not only minimises any potential waste of ready mixed concrete but also provides an excellent working platform during the concrete process. A level sub base enhances the long term performance of the concrete floor slab as the concrete can shrink more evenly without restraint. This reduces the chance of shrinkage cracking occurring over the life span of the concrete floor slab.The settlement and differential settlement of concrete slabs is a serious problem, and although they reflect on concrete, they aren’t caused by the concrete. They stem from failures of the subgrade or the sub base. Installing sub base properly is just as important as placing and finishing concrete and using the right mix design.

The laser guided sub base levelling and preparation machinery can also be used to grade the final layer of stone material for external slabs as well as internal floors. Nationwide Concrete Flooring supervisors set the laser equipment to work on straight grade falls so that the external yard will still allow surface water to reach the perimeter and or the drainage systems installed.The gradient fall required is fixed into the lasers and the sub base machinery still works in the same manner and with the same accuracy as with a flat internal floor slab. The machinery will also work well with a crushed recycled concrete material providing adequate fines content to allow binding during compaction. Depths of up to 100mm of recycled concrete can be laid in one pass which allows the levelling team to comfortably achieve 1,500m2 of area per day.

Rigorous compaction of the sub base by Nationwide Concrete Flooring the concrete flooring contractors offering the whole package.

Laser guided sub base levelling by Nationwide Concrete Flooring the Yorkshire based concrete flooring contractors in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Nationwide Concrete Flooring laser guided sub base levelling equipment, capable of achieving level tolerances of +/-5mm from overall datum point. Please see video clip for a brief view on how the sub base levelling machine operates.

For further details on our sub stone base levelling or for a free survey call us on 01405 704722 or e-mail us

Why Choose Us?

Over 28 years’ experience working within the concrete industry

Concrete flooring specialists since 2003. We cover every aspect of concrete floor repairs and installations in a variety of industries such as, construction, agriculture, waste recycling and many more. We have been described by our customers as the most versatile industrial concrete flooring contractors in the UK. There is not one concrete flooring contractor that carries out and manages internally the numerous services with which we offer our customers.

Full design & build service

We pride ourselves on tendering, designing and building the best solution to suit your requirements. Whether that is a repair or new cast instu concrete floor, our expertise in concrete installation and maintenance allows us to offer the very latest in design technology for each specific job.

High quality & experienced workforce

All of the concrete flooring processes are carried out by the management and employees of the company with all works managed “in house” without the need for sub-contractors. We regularly monitor staff training and skills initiatives to ensure the highest standards of works.

Excellent health & safety records

Health and safety of all members of our staff and allied trades is always our priority. We see preventing accidents and ill health caused by work as our number one priority and have obtained the services of a fully qualified health and safety company to help assist us in this very important part of our business. Our risk assessments and method statements are always very precise in terms of noise levels etc. as we are often working in occupied premises. All our operators wear appropriate protective clothing including high visibility jackets, ear defenders, safety shoes and hard hats and our project managers understand the importance of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all our workers carry cscs cards.

Concrete floor maintenance and aftercare agreements

Not only will we design and construct your new concrete floor slab, we will clean and maintain them over a period of time agreed with each individual client.

Concrete floor surveying services

We have 4 full time concrete floor surveyors who are capable of looking at concrete floors anywhere in the country. We offer free surveys of your concrete floors and external concrete hardstanding’s along with guidance on what does and doesn’t require remedial attention in order to safely and speedily operate your business.

Large modern fleet of concreting plant and equipment

We have invested heavily in the most modern concrete flooring equipment available in today’s market place. This enables us to carry out concrete floor repairs and new cast in situ concrete floor slabs for blue chip companies such as Prologis, Superdrug, Clugston Group and Stainforth Construction.


We are extremely proud of the relationships we have with our customers and the work we have carried out, here are just a few examples.


“The work was fairly complex with some 2000 holes in the slab to be repaired, this required the holes being drilled out and then bolts reduced in length or removed, the holes were then filled with resin compound and ground down to the correct level. The work force on site were polite punctual and worked in a very clean and efficient manner, the attention to quality and health and safety were excellent, and the client was pleased with the end product. I would not hesitate to use Nationwide Diamond Group in the future.”

Matthew Carter – Royal Mail, Slough

“Nationwide concrete flooring managed to fit into the busy work schedule the concrete grinding, construction joint repair, racking bolt removal, repair saw cut sealant and warehouse floor cleaning at this large distribution centre in Bicester Oxfordshire for yet another new client. Staff yet again working around the clock in order to provide another concrete floor slab clean enough to eat your dinner from!”

Steve Johnson – Beard Construction, Oxford

15th anniversary

2018 Celebrating our 15th Anniversary

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